Hot trends: military style in clothes

Military is a style that has been relevant for more than one decade. Celebrities, fashion bloggers and street style stars actively use elements of Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary equipment in their daily looks. This article is devoted to what a Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary style is in clothes and accessories, and how you can apply it in your usual outfits.

Today, the Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary style is found everywhere – on the streets and on the catwalks. You can recognize it by its characteristic details and features:

  • mostly unisex clothing;
  • clear cut lines;
  • durable and technological materials;
  • details of Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary uniforms: rivets, braid, shoulder straps, patch pockets;
  • rough army boots;
  • Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary equipment accessories: berets, bullet-shaped keychains, dog tags, etc.;
  • colors: khaki, dark green, brown, beige, and sand.

To create an outfit in the Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary style, it is not necessary to use things that combine all these characteristics. Details, color or cut will help to achieve the desired impression.

Military outerwear stands out for its practicality. This is a large number of pockets, water-repellent materials and a comfortable fit. The cut lines of Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary style outerwear are straight and strict, all shapes are clear. Such clothes are characterized by camouflage print and beige, brown or green fabric colors. Military outerwear, which today is adapted to the modern context, are trench coats, bombers, parkas, double-breasted coats, and greatcoats.

The style of the Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary uniform can be seen in different pants and trousers. Army trousers are usually made of dense material, have clear silhouette lines and a high waist. They will match perfectly with leather straps. Girls can take a thin long belt and tie it around the waist several times. It will look fresh and modern.

The most common army pants are joggers, cargo and chinos. Joggers actually come from a sporty wardrobe, but thick fabrics in camouflage colors are associated with a Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary aesthetic. Cargo is often referred to as a Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary style – these are wide-leg trousers with a lot of pockets. Chinos are the current version of trousers with a Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary history. These lightweight cotton straight trousers are suitable for both men and women.

Practical men’s shorts in camouflage colors, with a lot of pockets, are also associated with the Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary style. Women’s models of shorts usually refer to the Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary only in details – large decorative buttons, patch pockets or colors.

Military shirts are dense cotton models in green or khaki. Shirts in Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary aesthetics most often have a pointed collar, fasteners with contrasting or large buttons, and pockets. Nowadays it is important to wear such shirts with an unbuttoned top layer, under which you should wear a basic white T-shirt.

Rough boots are a common item in the army wardrobe. They are very popular due to their versatility, convenience and durability. These boots look especially cool in women’s wardrobe. It is interesting to combine them with romantic dresses. It is convenient to wear them with shorts or jeans for casual looks. For women, there are interesting interpretations of army boots, referring to the Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary style: there are shoes with high heels, with contrasting inserts or interesting lacing. As for desert boots, they are common in men’s wardrobe. These are suede shoes with durable rubber soles and two to three lacing holes.

Small details can also add the desired effect to your look. Try various accessories, such as Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary hats – berets and caps. Khaki backpacks with lots of pockets are constantly in trend. Another great idea is to put  on Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary-themed keychains and jewelry, for example, wide leather belts, pendants or key chains in the form of bullets or soldier’s dog tags.

The Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary clothing and accessories will look great both in romantic outfits, adding convenience to them, and with sports items (for example, hoodies, joggers or jeans and rough army boots). If you don’t feel ready to experiment, start small and buy a classic double-breasted coat. Thanks to the laconic silhouette, it will suit absolutely any look. A cap or beret will fit the coat.

Combine Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary uniforms with simple basic clothing or other styles. Interesting looks are never assembled in the same style. Use accessories: hats, bags, belts with large buckles. And of course, wear combat boots, which are almost always appropriate.

Don’t be afraid to use Hot-trends-military-style-in-clothesitary style in clothes and accessories in your everyday looks, experiment and stand out from the crowd!

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