How to choose fashion jewelry for different dresses

A beautiful dress is probably the first garment that comes to mind when we think of a stunning look. True fashionistas know how to turn into glamorous queens – they complement their outfits with matching accessories and jewelry. Do you want to catch admiring glances too? Here in this blog article we have collected some valuable tips for pairing fashion jewelry with various dresses.

When choosing jewelry for some special dress, keep in mind some basic rules of style. First of all, remember where you are going. Dresses for an official ceremony, a romantic date, a music festival, or a shopping trip with friends will differ greatly. No wonder that they require different jewelry as well.

Don’t be afraid to try a few options until you find your perfect look. Whatever you choose – fine metal jewelry, brutal leather bracelets, or cute best friends necklaces – look at yourself in the mirror several times to make sure your look is balanced. There is a well-known general rule: less is more. It is always better to look like a minimalist then like a Christmas tree.

For a casual office dress, choose simple unpretentious jewelry. Even if there are dozens of rings, earrings and necklaces in your jewelry box, you should not wear them all at once. It is better to choose only the main elements that will spice up the created image.

Besides, you should consider the contrast of details. If the outfit has a lot of big details or is richly decorated, then it is better to choose miniature jewelry. Modest stud earrings and thin rings will suit bright and shiny outfits.

When choosing a necklace, a pendant or a neck chain, it is very important to pay attention to the type of neckline. It will determine the length of the jewelry and the number of stones on it. The only exception is a closed high collar – it suits almost any option: strand of beads, massive jewelry, thin chains, and what not. 

Evening dresses with open shoulders look great with a necklace having a large detail in the center. Earrings should be selected depending on the hairstyle. If the hair is tied, it is better to choose long, sophisticated models. For loose curls, massive earrings are the ideal choice.

A cocktail dress that opens the collarbone line looks perfect with large gold or silver chains, tiered necklaces, and bracelets with multiple pendants. For a summer strapless sundress, barely noticeable accessories are suitable. They should not weigh down this light and airy image. Earrings without large stones or patterns will look well there.

For V-neck dresses, chains and pendants that follow the cut line are the best choice. Triangular and V-shaped jewelry will complement the beauty of your decollete and attract numerous rapt looks. You can put on a necklace with multiple strands that run down just below the neckline, or a short chain with a long thin pendant in the center. As for earrings, try long strands, neat studs or small rings. They should not distract attention from the outfit.

A high rounded neck looks great with necklaces of the same shape. Long beads or necklaces overlapping the cut line complement the luxurious look. A pendant on a chain and long earrings look cute with a mid-length outfit. Stud earrings or small classic pearls will emphasize your sense of style. The deep round neckline goes well together with small necklaces and multi-strand options. Fine strands of chains, small pendants and neat earrings perfectly complement bright outfits.

You should always remember about the main rules for the selection of jewelry. If the dress is catchy and has a lot of details and decor, then earrings and pendants should not distract attention. Large beads and bracelets match monochromatic outfits with austere silhouettes.

Accessories and fashion jewelry are designed to enhance the beauty of your outfit and spice up your look. Jewelry should complement dresses and not serve as a separate element of the outfit. Large, snazzy and expensive necklaces and jewelry sets should not be worn every day. Small jewelry items are more universal and suitable for everyday use.

We hope that these handy hints from trendsetters will simplify the challenging task of choosing proper jewelry for different outfits. Shine bright like a diamond!

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